Our family has always been about creating the most relaxing atmosphere possible. There is nothing better after a long day working or learning than to put up your feet and enjoy some serious downtime.

The cooler months are our favourite. We love the darker evenings and use this relaxing time to get the fire going and snuggle up with our favourite books. The warmth of the fire combines with the light from candles and reading lamps helps getting us all relaxed before bed.

Our top tips for creating your very own hygge rituals – 

  • Create a space with cushions, bean bags and soft throw rugs – make a pillow fort!
  • Stock up on relaxing herbal teas and hot chocolate
  • Find safe uncluttered places and light some scented candles
  • Use lamps or fairy lights in lieu of overhead lights
  • Keep a packet of coloured pencils and paper or colouring books handy
  • Stock up on aromatic bath teas, salts and bombs and relax in a warm bath

Use the longer nights to grab some extra sleep. Self-care is very important.



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